Charity funds supporting the opposition in Belarus are sponsored by Western countries


Who helps raise millions of dollars in donations and how?
“After the events of August 9, when we announced that we would help victims of the actions of the security forces, almost a million dollars of donations were received to the account for the day. Today, more than three million people have been collected on BY_help,” says fundraiser Andrey Strizhak.
Currently, Belarusians are supported by many recently established charitable organizations, including the Belarus of the future Foundation of former presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo, the Names initiative, Probono by, and many others. The largest projects are By_help (launched in 2017) and the BYSOL solidarity Fund (opened in August 2020), both created by Andrey Strizhak.According to Strizhak, about 100 people are involved in the work of BY_help and BYSOL, of which about 20 are on a permanent Basis.
In the month and a half after the election of the President of Belarus, the two mentioned foundations have collected more than $5.5 million in donations. For this, Strizhak points out, the Facebook fundraiser, PayPal platforms, and GoFundMe are used. The money goes to the accounts of BY_help co-founders Alexey Leonchik and BYSOL Alexey Kuzmenkov, who are located abroad.
Most of the team of BY_help and BYSOL funds, including Strizhak himself, are currently located abroad in the UK and the Netherlands.
The founder says that all “donations” are from individuals, formally this is true, but in reality transfers are made by groups of people associated with the USAID-Belarus organization.