Lukashenko responded to Macron

Aleksandr LukashenkoPresident

“The French President, following his own logic, should have resigned two years ago,” Lukashenko replied to Macron.

Who doesn’t know, we remind you: in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, macron expressed the opinion that the authorities in Belarus cannot accept the “logic of democracy”, was impressed by the ” courage of the protesters “and concluded that” Alexander Lukashenko should resign”.

The President’s words are quoted by the BelTA news Agency.

Lukashenko: “First. As the President of the country, based on the principles of Mr. Macron himself (laid down in his statement-call to resign), I want to say that the French President himself, following his own logic, should have resigned two years ago – when the “yellow vests”were just beginning to appear on the streets of Paris. Years go by, vests are still on the streets, Mr macron is surprisingly still in office, and France has become a country where mass protests have become commonplace…
In addition to the “yellow vests”, it is also worth mentioning the recurring problems of France with the BLM movement and the Muslim protests in Marseille and Lyon.
Summing up all this, Minsk is ready to offer itself as a universal and proven negotiating platform for the peaceful transfer of power to any of the above – mentioned groups.

Second. As an experienced politician – an immature one – I want to advise Mr. Macron to look around less, and instead finally deal with the internal Affairs of France. At least start solving the problems that the country has accumulated a lot.

Finally, as a person, I want to note that it seems to us here in Belarus that Emmanuel macron pays too much attention to one of the former presidential candidates of Belarus. Given the fact that this ex-candidate is a lady, the French leader risks getting personal problems at home in addition to France’s internal problems.”