President Alexander Lukashenko and Mohammed Ali al-Abbar of Emaar Properties held a meeting

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko welcomes Emaar Properties ‘ work in the country and investments. He said this on October 1 at a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emaar Properties, Muhammad Ali al-Abbar.
“First of all, I want to note your punctuality and commitment. About a year ago, when we met, we agreed to work together. At that time, a number of projects were conceived that you took into consideration and were ready to implement in Belarus, starting from agriculture and ending with the construction of large infrastructure facilities, ” the Head of state noted. – We agreed with you that this fall, after the presidential elections, we will meet and finally put all the dots over the “i”. And for this I am grateful to you that you arrived punctually, as agreed, on this day.”
“We understand that times are not easy in the world right now. Humanity is challenged in many ways. In this regard, there is a very sharp struggle for the investor. And, of course, your work in Belarus and the investments you plan to make are very useful for us today,” Alexander Lukashenko said.
According to him, the volume of work will be very large. “This is why we have gathered in such a representative structure today (the meeting was also attended by the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Minsk city Executive Committee, and the assistant to the President for national security. – Approx.), so that there is no hitch in your work,” the Head of state noted.
Alexander Lukashenko said that he remembers the promise of Muhammad Ali al-Abbar that Belarus will build the most beautiful buildings and structures that will be the hallmark of the UAE in the center of Europe. “Therefore, I am ready to discuss today all the issues that have arisen in this regard, and if there are any problematic issues, we are ready to solve them immediately,” the President added.

A large-scale smart city project worth 4 billion euros is being implemented by Emaar Properties in Minsk

“During this time, we have worked out an agreement with the Belarusian side to invest in the development of the Northern part of the city of Minsk to make it one of the most advanced, modern and technological. After all, technology rules the world. We are planning to build a smart city in the city, and we are already actively designing it. The investment that we plan to invest in the project exceeds 4 billion euros,” said Muhammad Ali al-Abbar.

Interesting dialogue between the President of Belarus and a big businessman from the UAE.

Alexander Lukashenko: Thank God, the virus doesn’t affect you!
Muhammad Ali al-Abbar: Mr. President, you are our teacher! We should not pay attention to it and move forward. The most important thing is that the economy listens to you and develops normally.

Belarus ‘ decision not to stop the economy due to coronavirus has proved its effectiveness

This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of the investment company Emaar Properties Mohammed Ali al-Abbar at a meeting with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
The foreign guest thanked the Head of state for the opportunity to meet in person, noting that he was glad to be back in Minsk.
He also congratulated Belarus on how the country coped in a difficult epidemiological situation. “I would like to congratulate you on many things. At first – with a practical victory over the virus. The policy that you have chosen in this regard – not to close the economy – has proved its effectiveness,” said Muhammad Ali al-Abbar.

Investor from the United Arab Emirates congratulated the Belarusian President

  1. With a practical victory over the virus. The policy that you have chosen in this regard – not to close the economy-has proved its effectiveness”
  2. With the victory in the presidential election. “We have never doubted the result, we have always appreciated the policy that you pursue, the achievements that your country has achieved”