President Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on COVID-19

Aleksandr LukashenkoCOVID-19EconomicsHealthcarePresident
  • “It is obvious that it has again entered an intense phase of propagation. The second wave is coming”
  • “Some of our neighbors in terms of morbidity approached the peak spring levels. A similar trend is observed all over the world. We don’t stay away. We may not have such a sharp rise in morbidity, but it is present”
  • “People who work and fight infectious diseases do not need to spare money. But there shouldn’t be any kinks either”
  • “Everything is in our hands in order not to fall into an uncontrolled epidemic tailspin”
  • “The experience we have gained is priceless. And the path that we have chosen, it is also priceless for the whole world today. Yes, no one will thank you for the path we have taken, for the methods we have used to treat our people, that we did not isolate them, did not close them, recommended them to be in the fresh air”
    -“I do not intend to isolate and close the country today. If we had done this in February, March or April, we would have reaped the benefits: we would have no jobs for people, we would have brought down the economy, we would not have even the slightest salary”