Russian units leave Belarus after joint exercises “Slavic brotherhood”.

Russian military personnel
Belarus and RussiaBelarusian army

Russian military personnel who participated in the Slavic brotherhood – 2020 exercise completed loading equipment and personnel onto the military echelon and left the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
The Belarusian-Russian exercise “Slavic brotherhood – 2020” was attended by about 6000 military personnel and over 500 units of military equipment (about 1000 people and 100 units of equipment – from the Russian armed forces).
Last week, after performing combat training tasks, a battalion of the Ivanovo guards parachute regiment left Brest, and it is already in a permanent location. Today, at 16.00, units of the Pskov and Tula guards formations of the airborne forces were sent.
The Slavic brotherhood exercises are organized annually in turn on the territory of Serbia, Russia and Belarus. In 2020,joint maneuvers were held in our country from September 14 to 25.