The Ministry of internal Affairs held a meeting with the UN permanent coordinator

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The Ministry of internal Affairs held a meeting with the UN permanent coordinator in the Republic of Belarus Ioanna Kazana-Vishnevetsky. The event was also attended by representatives of the ministries of foreign Affairs and health, the Prosecutor General’s office and the Investigative Committee.
During the meeting, issues related to ensuring the protection of public order after the presidential elections of the Republic of Belarus were discussed.
First Deputy Minister of internal Affairs – head of the criminal police, police Colonel Gennady Kazakevich noted that the Department welcomes the UN initiative in organizing this meeting, and expressed hope for the most open dialogue on the most important issues of concern to the international community regarding the events in Belarus.

He stressed that numerous claims that human rights and freedoms are not respected in Belarus have no grounds and are not supported by relevant evidence.
– We understand that the constant dissemination in the media and the Internet of false, biased and unfounded information about the ongoing crackdowns on peaceful protests in the country, arbitrary arrests and detentions, cases of forced and unknown disappearance, illegal and disproportionate use of force by law enforcement agencies, torture and ill-treatment of detainees, the use of sexual and other forms of violence, and political persecution further encourages the international community to openly confront, the ultimate goal is to apply the classic scenario of the “color revolution”to Belarus. This is also evidenced by the formation of “necessary” moods in society through social networks, discrediting and demonizing the authorities and law enforcement agencies, calls for strikes, non-compliance with laws, the use of unregistered symbols, carefully planned provocations, etc.
It is obvious that law enforcement agencies use force to ensure public security, prevent illegal actions of the most active participants in protest actions, and restore law and order in “revolutionary” conditions. This practice of police actions is common in many European countries and the United States. But there, for some reason, it is taken for granted by the international political community and does not cause alarm and concern among human rights structures and the public. Today, the main task of the Ministry of internal Affairs is to ensure public safety and order, which have always been characteristic of Belarus. They are currently broken.
Gennady Kazakevich once again stressed that employees of the internal Affairs bodies always respond adequately to the current situation and act in accordance with the law. He stated that the negative assessment given by the international community of the situation in Belarus is based on unreliable information. In support of these words, the audience was presented with videos prepared based on the results of checking fake information posted on the Internet about the facts of violence by the security forces.
In turn, Ioanna Kazana-Vishnevetsky expressed concern about human rights violations that, in her opinion, took place in connection with the post-election protests, and stated that violence against peaceful protesters is unacceptable. She also thanked the Ministry of internal Affairs for this meeting and for providing detailed materials on issues of interest to them.
At the end of the event, Gennady Kazakevich, speaking with journalists, noted that a biased assessment of the activities of law enforcement agencies still remains:
– But we did not set ourselves the task of persuading anyone. It was important for us to convey our position. We are honest with our people.