What Lukashenka and Pompeo talked about for almost half an hour

Aleksandr LukashenkoExterior policy
  • We discussed the situation in the world. According to both sides, the situation has changed dramatically since Pompeo’s February visit to Minsk.
  • We talked about the internal political situation in Belarus and the United States.
  • The Secretary of state stressed that he always remains a supporter of the sovereignty and independence of our country and supports the development of cooperation with Belarus.
  • Lukashenka told the interlocutor about the national dialogue that is currently being actively conducted in Belarus.
  • The President also stressed that Russia is the main ally, especially noting the support provided at the present time. Russia does not interfere in the internal Affairs of Belarus. At the same time, countries are ready to jointly respond to emerging external threats.
  • In particular, in accordance with the CSTO Treaty on the protection of the common space, in the event of external aggression from Poland, Lithuania or other countries, Belarus and Russia will be forced to respond. Pompeo noted that neither NATO, nor Poland and Lithuania should be afraid of such a threat, because it does not exist.
  • Lukashenko stressed that we stand for a peaceful and peaceful resolution of all conflicts, including on the external circuit.
  • They talked about the fate of one of the citizens of the United States and the Republic of Belarus.
  • Lukashenko also wished success in the political campaign in the United States in General and personally to Donald Trump.