Who is Nina Baginskaya from Belarus?

Who is Nina Baginskaya

Nina Baginskaya – a woman of mystery. However, we removed this mysterious Fleur from her – it turned out that all her exalted throwing around the streets of the city with flags is the result of a serious illness suffered in the past. Knowing that very often it is not a person who forms the environment around them, but the environment that forms a person, we decided to find out where and with whom Nina Grigoryevna lives. And we found a lot of interesting details.

So, grandmother lives in a small apartment on Ya. Kolas street. Baginskaya owns a land plot in the Smolevichi district, a horticultural partnership “Geologist-SM” (0.0688 ha), with a country house located on it (27.6 sq. m.), as well as two land plots of 0.0417 ha and 0.045 ha in the Pukhovichi district (horticultural partnership “fiztech”).

Nina Baginskaya’s son – Pavel Baginsky, born on 17.02.1977 – is temporarily out of work. In the property it has: 71/100 apartments (79.91 sq. m, 3 rooms, 3 floor) at the registration address. You can’t call him law-abiding. Has 4 administrative offense, of which 3 – through GAI (all as a pedestrian), 1 – according to article 9.1 (intentional infliction of bodily injury) of the administrative code (scandal with niece, broke down the door to her room). Not married, has no children.

Daughter, baginskaya (Kardash) Alexandra Anatolyevna, born on 16.02.1978. She owns a one-Room apartment in AG. Priluki, and 29/100 apartments on the street. Yakub Kolas square in Minsk. She has 22 administrative offenses, of which: 17 – by the traffic police, 3 – for failure to perform duties to accompany a minor at night outside the home (twice – the son, 1 time – the daughter), 2 – for failure to perform duties for raising children (the son smoked in the wrong place, expressed obscene language; the daughter 22.04.2011 drank alcoholic beverages in a public place). She is divorced and has two children.

Granddaughter, Bezlyudova (Kardash) Yana Eduardovna, born on 16.06.1997 in 2012, received her basic education at THE Belarusian language gymnasium No. 23 in Minsk. Yana Bezlyudova was not brought to criminal responsibility. He has 8 administrative offenses, including: 2 – for participating in unauthorized mass events, 1 – for disobeying the lawful request of a police officer, 1 – under part 1 of article 10.5 of the Administrative code “petty theft”, 4 – for traveling in public transport without payment. Yana is an active participant in unauthorized events: the national flag Avenue campaign»; the event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of sovereignty becoming a constitutional law-both events were organized by the Young front. She also appeared in the lists of detainees on “freedom day” in 2017 – two protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up. In July 2016, the BPF party from the Minsk city organization was nominated to the precinct election Commission No. 54 Of the Zavodsky district of Minsk, but the candidate was rejected.

Vladislav Eduardovich Kardash, grandson of Nina Baginskaya, born on 31.08.1998. he works in LLC “Auto-Tag” and LLC “Avtoprivoz trading” (retail trade in auto parts). In 2014, he graduated from school No. 63 in Minsk. According to information posted in social networks, he is a student of BSU. No criminal charges were brought. Has 9 administrative offenses, including: 8 – by the traffic police, 1 – under article 17.1 (disorderly conduct) Administrative code of the Republic of Belarus. In 2014, Vladislav Kardash in a public place (GUO “school No. 63”) expressed rude obscenities in the presence of students, did not respond to comments.

Here is such a family. And we continue to follow the grandmother with the flag.